What are the characteristics of integrated wall panels?

Low-carbon environmental protection: all surface treatments are made of environmentally friendly materials, without paint components, the decorated room has no peculiar smell, and there is no harmful ingredient to the human body, completely bid farewell to formaldehyde, and truly achieve zero carbon and zero emissions.

thermal insulation:. This product has unique heat insulation performance. It can be used on the top of balconies, sun rooms and villas to solve the intensity of direct sunlight. If inverter air conditioners are used, they can achieve obvious energy saving effects. It is an environmentally friendly material strongly recommended by the country.

Anticorrosive and durable: high strength, good toughness, light weight, anti-vibration, no deformation, not easy to aging, insect-proof, not easy to corrode, and long service life.

Moisture-proof and waterproof: Good moisture-proof performance, more suitable for humid areas, water vapor and moisture are difficult to enter, indoor dry and comfortable, no water seepage, no water leakage, get rid of the wall mold trouble.

Easy to clean: The surface is treated with foreign advanced technology, which is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also easy to clean and hygienic. It can be directly scrubbed with water, without foaming and deformation.

Fashion and elegance: Diverse varieties, various colors, freely designed and matched freely according to personal preferences. Western European style, Athenian charm, Chinese tradition, Roman style, French splendor, high-end style, elegant and unique style. Demonstrate free personality and highlight unique charm.

Time-saving and labor-saving: In the design, a new type of gusset installation method is adopted, which can be directly bent, joined and folded, and the rough wall is directly installed. From the rough room to the refined decoration in one step, the installation is no longer complicated, and the ordinary carpenter can do it , Effectively save 90% of the hard installation time.

Sound insulation and hardness: tested by the national authority, the sound insulation effect can reach 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation effect of a solid wall. Take the original ecological bamboo fiber as the base material, composite environmental protection material, strengthen the hardness and strength, anti-impact, anti-friction, not afraid of scratches.